Alexander E Weber, MD
Orthopaedic surgeon & sports Medicine specialist
Patients Reviews
Dr. Weber was incredible to work with. He was professional from our first consultation and went over what is wrong with my fractured right clavicle and the steps we are going to take to put it back in place and ensure it's done and healed properly. He's a great guy and real friendly. I consider him a friend of mine after working with him as much as i have the past couple months with surgery and post op visits. He handled my surgery well and left a minuscule scar after inserting plate and screws to re align my broken collarbone. He cares and works on some of the top athletes and performers and that made me feel confident in him to do a good job and ensure i get back to full mobility

Mitchell E. | Apr 14, 2023
We’re talking about a genuine, professional doctor that always finds answers to every situation. Excellent composure and demeanor to compliment as well.

Jacoah C. | Apr 14, 2023

Zev V. | Apr 11, 2023
Professional, timely, nice facilities, staff and doctor.

HEIDI D. | Apr 08, 2023
Very professional

Craig D. | Apr 08, 2023
Dr Weber & all staff were professional and friendly. Wait time was not long, and Dr Weber answered all of my questions with clarity.

John B. | Apr 08, 2023
Dr. Alexander Weber is an outstanding doctor with a very pleasant and caring personality. He gets to know his patients to provide the best care for them. He is very personable, listens, explains everything and gives sound advice to his patients. Though Dr. Weber is a surgeon, he explores non-surgical treatments first, before suggesting a surgery which is a very valuable trait among surgeons - many just want to operate. My husband was also his patient (painful knee), and under his care he recovered with the right exercise routine for him. I highly recommend Dr. Weber!

Sophia M. | Apr 08, 2023
I finally feel like I will be able to be active again.

Rosalinda G. | Apr 04, 2023
thx for getting me in

Monica Y. | Apr 04, 2023